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Extra DVD to Zune Ripper 8.24

Extra DVD to Zune Ripper is a great product to rip dvd to video playable on Zune
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Extra DVD to Zune Ripper is a DVD movie ripping tool for Windows. It allows you to back up your DVD movies and convert them into the two formats that are natively played by the Zune multimedia player: WMV and MP4. There are over 20 conversion profiles, half of which are for WMV. The profiles vary in the formats used and the audio and video bitrates, and the resolution of the video.

You can choose what audio track and subtitle track you want to use for your files when you start recording. This ripper acts as a sort of video recorder. When I loaded the DVD drive to start selecting my titles, the video of the first title started playing. It also looked like the application was recording the video for me. If you start recording the video manually, and you are not careful enough, you might start too late, and the video will be cut off. It took me a little while to figure out how this application worked, and that tells me that other users might struggle at first as well, particularly users who don't know a thing about rippers.

In terms of performance, once you get the timing right, the videos are converted just fine. It is just a hassle that you have to do it manually.

José Fernández
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  • Good quality output files
  • Quite a few conversion profiles


  • Not very intuitive
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